Oct 13

The Christening of the Jewel of the Inland Empire—The City of Eastvale

Eastvale's first city sealLooking at the crowd in the stands, it was clear to see how cityhood garnered nearly 70 percent of the vote on June 8, 2010. Waiting to walk in the parade with my daughter and grandchildren, I could hear the roar of the crowd as our host roused them with waves, chants and cheers—building the anticipation for the evening’s events. Only moments before the sky threatened to let loose and rain on our parade, however we were all given a last-minute reprieve as the clouds cleared and we were showered with a rainbow. All good signs for the future of our “Jewel of the Inland Empire” we call home—the City of Eastvale.

Just weeks before, sixteen of us met at Councilwoman Howell’s home to brainstorm plans for a touchdown celebration—the likes never seen in Eastvale. Of course, everyone assumed it could be accomplished, after all our elected officials had the task of pulling together a city in only four months—surely we could pull off this event! And looking at all the happy faces on the evening of October 1st, confirmed that assumption.

Leading up to the opening moments of our grand celebration, Eastvalers (or Eastvalians if you prefer) hustled to get their dinner and find a spot in the stands while the children and community groups lined up for the parade. The opening moment finally arrived with the singing of the National Anthem and a law-enforcement helicopter flyby, followed by a ceremonial swearing in of our newly-elected city council members, speeches delivered by local dignitaries and proclamations bestowed upon the city. When all the ballyhoo associated with an inaugural-celebratory event subsided, the Eleanor Roosevelt marching band struck up a tune to lead the color guard in the parade, along with community organizations and Eastvale children with their wagons and bicycles decorated in proper red, white, and blue attire with occasional spotted cow décor to celebrate Eastvale’s dairy history.

When the last parade member passed by the stands, County Supervisor John Tavalione’s classic-rock band “The Legendary Mustangs,” began to play—greeting Eastvalers onto the football field where community booths awaited the crowd with games galore.

As my family and I tried our best to find each other in the crowd of thousands, we marveled as we watched children climb onto police motorcycles, pet canine officers and wonder spellbound at the weapons displayed in the Police Department’s booth. The music and party went on and on with crowds on the field and crowds in the booths, and still more people kept flowing onto the field.

At last, the closing ceremonies commenced with the singing of God Bless America topped off with a spectacular fireworks show—a memorable event to last a lifetime at least.

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