Oct 13

Meet Adam Rush–Eastvale’s 1st Mayor

Eastvale's First Mayor

Adam Rush–Eastvale’s 1st Mayor

Eastvale Insider had the privilege of sitting down with the City of Eastvale’s first mayor to bring you a picture of the inner Adam Rush.

Why did you decide to run for city council?

I decided to run for City Council because I believe strongly in Eastvale Cityhood and wanted to bring more than seven years of knowledge and experience in economic and regional planning to our community to attract growth and prosperity.

Can you share some of your visions for Eastvale as a community?

My vision for Eastvale is to bring out the potential we have as being one of the premier cities in the Inland Empire–to expand our spectrum of jobs, retail, and housing to create a first rate city for families, business, and commerce.

Are there any other cities that you view as similar to what you would like to help create for Eastvale?

I see Eastvale as a combination of Irvine prominence with a tight sense of community.

Aside from living and breathing the duties of being one of Eastvale’s inaugural council members, what else do you like to do in your free time?

In addition to my new role as city councilman, I work at the County of Riverside Planning Department in addition to a small Internet Distribution business owned by my wife and me. Other than work, I spend my free time playing with our baby girl, making home improvements, and relaxing in our backyard with a good book.

Is there any one person that has had an impact on your life and inspired you in all that you do?

There are many people that have influenced me over the years. My wife is one of the most intelligent people I have ever met.
I admire my father for imparting upon me a strong work ethic and my mother-in-law who has a dedication and devotion to family that is unsurpassed. I also admire my Eastvale incorporation colleagues for their hard work and dedication.

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