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Ewok and Smudge

In 2007, Ewok and Smudge were rescued from a cat colony in Southern California. They are the Bobbsey Twins, Thing One and Thing Two, Pinky and the Brain, Yin/Yang. We are heartbroken that we have to find new homes for these two, but unable to find work in SoCal, we must relocate out of state to a new job that requires a different living situation. They are pretty self-sufficient and are comfortable being outside during the day and inside at night (for protection).

Ewok, a beautiful Russian Grey colored girl is affectionate and also answers to Princess and Ewee. Smudge is an odd-eyed (blue and green eyes) angora boy who will tap your shoulder to get a rub. Both are litterbox trained and well-behaved. Smudge got his name because of a dark spot on the top of his head which he eventually lost. However, today, he lives up to that name and will enjoy a good roll in the dirt when offered the opportunity. Ewok helps clean him up. Smudge also answers to Smudgkin and Smudgcicle.

They do everything together and if we can keep them together in one home, they would both adjust better to their new situation.

At first, they may be shy, but after they get to know you, they will warm right up!

If you think you might like to share your life with Ewok and/or Smudge, please call Andrea at 805-746-3153 or send an email to ci.andrea.lloyd@gmail.com.