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Apr 14

Winter Fun for Everyone in Big Bear, CA

The San Bernardino mountains always seem very alluring in the winter. But, after the first snowfall, everyone goes on about their everyday work. The reality is that the San Bernardino Mountain resorts offer a great weekend getaway. Let us show you where to go, where to stay, where to dine, and what not to miss! …

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Jan 17

Off-Road Adventures at Big Bear Lake

“Last weekend, we got stuck in the snow,” said Doug Walton, 76, owner of Big Bear Off-Road Adventures in Big Bear Lake, California. “It took me six hours to dig myself out.” Then, in unison, groans came from the nine passengers riding in the big ugly van as we began our 3-hour adventure through the  mountains and valleys …

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Jan 15

Snow Makers at Big Bear Lake’s Snow Summit and Bear Mountain

Ever wonder how snow resorts make and distribute snow during dry spells? I have. I imagined machines, much like snow plows, scaling the slopes while evenly dispersing man-made snow behind it. A sort of anti-snow plow. (Although, I must admit, I never gave much thought to where the snow might have come from originally to …

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